The rules of the Italian language

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Our grammar articles are divided into proficiency levels. 

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Practice the tenses by conjugating verbs to memorize the endings and irregular forms better.


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A language consists of two parts: a very large set of words, which is vocabulary, and the rules you need to govern them in order to create other words or sentences. These rules are the grammar of a language.

For some of you can grammar appear a bit boring, but don’t you think it’s fascinating to see how other languages work and to discover the similarities and differences between Italian and the languages you already know? 

Besides grammar, there are other important things when learning a language. You need a big vocabulary so that you know the right word when you speak, then you need to improve your reading and listening comprehension. You can do this by reading and listening to our stories. Besides studying the language, it’s also important to know more about culture and traditions! Discover more about Italy and its culture in the section Amo l’Italia. Wanna learn Italian step by step? Our Italian courses are just right for you!