Overview all PREPOSIZIONI italiane


Le preposizioni italiane: an overview of all Italian prepositions and their main functions. Note that prepositions sometimes merge with articles. You can read about how prepositions and articles merge in our post about articulated prepositions.

Le preposizioni italiane

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Le preposizioni italiane

There are 8 prepositions in Italian: di, a, da, in, con, su, per and tra or fra. In this overview of all Italian prepositions you will learn the most important functions. Note that prepositions sometimes merge with articles. You can read about how prepositions and articles merge in our article on articulated prepositions. You can learn more about the individual prepositions in the in-depth articles.

La preposizione DI

Specification il corso d’italiano
il mal di testa
the Italian course
the headache
Possess, family la casa di Fiona
la madre di Emma
Fiona’s house
Emma’s mother
Material il tavolo di legno the wooden table
Amount, packaging un chilo di mele
un pacco di pasta
a kilo of apples
a package of pasta
city of origin with essere sono di Londra I’m from London
Time: part of the day (regularity) di sera (la sera) in the evening
Time: days of the week (regularity) di sabato (= il sabato) saturdays
comparison sono più alto di Mario I’m taller than Mario
as partitive article compro dei pomodori I buy (some) tomatoes
After some verbs like finire, smettere finisco di pulire
smetto di fumare
I finish cleaning
I stop smoking
Expression: avere bisogno di ho bisogno di un caffè I need a coffee

Learn more about the preposition di here.

Learn more about the difference between sono di and vengo da here.

La preposizione DA

Origin: from where? una cartolina da Roma a postcard from Rom
Origin with venire vengo dalla Germania I come from Germany
Origin with uscire, scendere esco dall’ufficio
scendo dal treno
I leave the office
I get off the train
Andare | essere + person dal dottore
da mia sorella
to/at the doctor
to/at my sister’s
Time: How long has it been? imparo l’italiano da due anni I have been learning Italian for two years 
Purpose of an object gli occhiali da sole the sun glasses
with the meaning: that you must/can cose da fare
qualcosa da mangiare
things to do
something to eat
Agent in passive sentences: who did it? questo libro è stato scritto da Dante this book was written by Dante

Combinazione DA - A

Time span:    
– Dates, hours dal 2 al 5 marzo
dalle 8 alle 10
from the 2nd to the 5th March
from 8 to 10 o’clock
– Months da gennaio a marzo from January to March
– Days of the week (regularity with article) lavoro dal lunedì al venerdì I work from Monday to Friday
– Days of the week (once without article) sono a Roma da venerdì a domenica I’m in Rom from Friday to Sunday
Place: distance from X to Y da Roma a Milano ci vogliono 6 ore from Rom to Milan you need 6 hourse

La preposizione A

Essere | avere +    
– Cities a Roma to/in Rom
– Small isles a Malta
alle Maldive
to/in Malta
the/in the Maldives
– With some places al ristorante
al mare
a casa
to/at the restaurant
to/at the sea
to/at home
Time: months a (also: in) gennaio in January
Time: holidays a Natale at Christmas
Time: Wo do we see us? a dopo
a stasera
a domani
(see you) later
(see you) tonight
(see you) tomorrow
Time: At what time? alle sette at seven
Andare + verb vado a lavorare I go to work
indirect object, dative: to whom? regalo un libro a mio fratello I give a book to my brother as a gift
together with fino, time/local point of arrival fino alle sei
fino al semaforo
until six
until the trafic light
Distance from a point X a 100 metri dal mare at 100 meters from the sea
Distribution due volte alla settimana twice a week
Flavour, main ingredient al limone
gelato alla fragola
lemon tea
strawberry ice cream
Modality: how? vado a piedi I go by foot
Typical from a place alla romana roman style
After some verbs like aiutare, cominciare ti aiuto a stirare
comincio a pulire
I help you iron
I begin cleaning

La preposizione IN

Andare | essere +    
– Countries in Italia
negli Stati Uniti
to/in Italy
to/in the States
– Regions in Toscana in Tuscany
– Big islands in Sicilia in Sicily
– Streets, squares in via Roma
in piazza Garibaldi
in Roma street
in Garibaldi square
– Places ending with -ia in pizzeria
in farmacia
to/in the pizzeria
to/in the drugstore
– Places ending with -teca in biblioteca
in discoteca
to/in the library
to/in the disco
– Places at home in cucina to/in the kitchen
– Some places in montagna
in vacanza
in piscina
to/in the mountains
on holiday
to/in the swimming pool
Time: seasons in autunno in fall
Place: in nell’armadio in the wardrobe
With means of trasport in (auch: con la) bicicletta by/with the bicycle

La preposizione SU

Andare | essere +    
– Mountains (proper name) sulle Alpi to/in the alps
– seas (proper name) sull’Adriatico to/at the Adriatic Sea
– lakes (proper name) sul (also: al) lago di Garda to/at the Garda Lake
Internet su internet
sui social
sul sito
on the Internet
on social media
on the website
on, with contact sul tavolo on the table
Topic un libro su Venezia a book about Venice

La preposizione CON

Company: with whom? con la mia famiglia with my family
Means: with what? mangio la pasta con la forchetta I eat pasta with the fork

La preposizione PER

Purpose: for what reason? per rilassarmi to relax
Target person: for whom? un regalo per te a present for you
Destination of means of transport il treno per Milano the train to Milan
Destination after partire parto per Roma
parto per le vacanze
I leave for Rome
I leave for vacation
Place: within a place, unspecific direction un giro per la città a tour around the city
Time: how long? ho lavorato qui per un anno I worked here for a year

La preposizione TRA / FRA

Fra and tra are intercheangeable.

Location between two or more things la sedia è tra l’armadio e il tavolo the chair is between the wardrobe and the table
Place: Distance from where you are tra due chilometri c’è un parco in two kilometers there is a park
Time: Distance in time (future) tra due giorni parto per le vacanze in two days I leave for vacation 

Test sulle preposizioni!

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