Learn Italian with our online Italian course! In the second unit of the Beginner Course A1.1. you’ll continue learning some basic grammar like present tense and adjectives and you’ll learn important communication topics like how to take a coffee, talk about your breakfast, your profession and to say thank you and sorry. Vocabulary for professions, beverages and useful adjectives can be found as practical vocabulary lists. In the Pausa Caffè section you will learn about Italian coffees and breakfast habits of Italians. Watch the Videocorso 2 to review the themes of this unit through an amusing story with Fiona and Romeo.


Order in a café • Talk about your breakfast • Che lavoro fai? Talk about your job • Grazie e mi dispiace - say thank you and sorry

Italian grammar

The Italian present tense • Plural of nouns • Indefinite articles • Italian adjectives • Question pronouns

Italian vocabulary

Expressions with essere and avere • Professions • Beverages • Adjectives of taste


Story: Scotty ha freddo • Coffee in Italy • What do Italians have for breakfast? • Do you have breakfast like an Italian? - Personality test

Fiona has an appointment with the hairdresser, but before that she would like to have a coffee. In the café she meets a tourist who is not so familiar with Italian coffee.


Learn to order in a café and to talk about breakfast habits.


Learn the grammar of this unit.


Learn useful words.

Pausa Caffè

Italy and Italian feeling.

In TEST 2 you will find topics and vocabulary covered in the lessons in this unit. If you pass the test with at least 60% correct, you can start unit 3.