Grazie e mi dispiace – say thank you and sorry

Learn how to say thank you and apologize in Italian and what to say in response.

1. Say thank you

Ecco il Suo cappuccino.

Very classical: in order to say thank you, just say: Grazie! Let’s learn a few more ways to say thank you:

GrazieThanks, thank you
Grazie milleThank you very much
Ti ringrazioThank you (Tu-form)
La ringrazioThank you (Lei-form)
Grazie di cuoreThank you so much (lit. heartily thanks)
È molto gentile da parte tua | SuaIt is very kind of you (Tu/Lei-form)


Grazie mille!
Non c’è di che.

If someone thanks you, you should be able to answer appropriately! Here you will find some common answers:

PregoYou’re welcome
Di niente | Di nullaDon’t mention it!
Non c’è di cheYou’re welcome

2. I’m sorry

Mi dispiace molto!

To apologize, you can say mi dispiace or scusa. Look at the following options:

Mi dispiaceI’m sorry
Mi dispiace molto | moltissimoI’m very sorry
ScusaSorry, excuse me (Tu-form)
Scusi | Mi scusiSorry, excuse me (Lei-form)

Note: Scusa | (mi) scusi are used both to say sorry and to attract attention, e.g. when you want to call the waiter:
Scusa per il ritardo. Sorry for the delay.
Scusi, vorrei pagare. Excuse me, I’d like to pay.

To answer

Mi dispiace!
Non fa niente.

If someone apologizes to you, you can answer the following:

Nessun problema
Non c’è problema
No problem
Non fa nienteIt doesn’t matter
Può capitareIt can happen
Non preoccupartiDon’t worry (Tu-form)
Non si preoccupiDon’t worry (Lei-form)


1. Grazie e mi dispiace

2. Grazie mille!

3. Oh no!

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