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What do Italians have for breakfast?

This is a reading comprehension about what do Italian have for breakfast. Try to understand the general meaning of the text with the help of graphics and do the exercise. Finally click on Translate to check if you’ve understand well and to learn the words you didn’t know.

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Italian breakfast: interview results

The website YouGov has interviewed almost a thousand Italians on the topic of colazione. Let’s look at the results together!

1. Fai colazione?

colazione - What do Italians have for breakfast?

L’85% degli intervistati fa colazione ogni mattina. L’11% invece la fa solo ogni tanto, mentre solo il 4% non fa mai colazione.
DOVE? Gli intervistati fanno colazione principalmente a casa (84%), mentre l’11% degli intervistati fa colazione al bar.

85% of respondents have breakfast every morning. 11% only have breakfast once in a while, while only 4% never have breakfast. WHERE? Respondents eat breakfast mainly at home (84%), while 11% of respondents eat breakfast at the café.

2. Cosa bevi per colazione?

bevande colazione - What do Italians have for breakfast?

Per quanto riguarda le bevande, la bevanda preferita è il caffè, bevuto dal 62% degli intervistati. Segue il latte (38%). Le bevande che mischiano latte e caffè, ovvero cappuccino e marocchino, sono scelti dal 29% degli intervistati. Al quarto posto si trovano la spremuta e il succo di frutta. Il  è il quinto in classifica (23%). Poco amate per colazione sono le tisane (6%), le bevande vegetali (5%), frullati (4%), centrifughe/estratti e le acque aromatizzate (2%).

As for drinks, the preferred drink is coffee, drunk by 62% of respondents. Milk follows (38%). Drinks that mix milk and coffee, i.e. Cappuccino and Marocchino, are chosen by 29% of respondents. In fourth place are fresh-squeezed juice and juice. Tea is the fifth in the ranking (23%). Less popular for breakfast are herbal teas (6%), vegetable drinks (5%), smoothies (4%), centrifuges/extracts and flavored waters (2%).

3. Cosa mangi per colazione?

cibo colazione - What do Italians have for breakfast?

Il 44% delle persone che fanno colazione la preferisce completamente dolce. Solo il 7% fa una colazione salata. I cibi preferiti per colazione sono biscotti, brioches/muffin, fette biscottate e cereali. Seguono lo yogurt (27%) e il pane con la marmellata o creme spalmabili dolci (24%). Fra i prodotti salati più amati per colazione ci sono il toast (10%), affettati e uova (6%) e formaggi (5%).

44% of people who have breakfast prefer it completely sweet. Only 7% have a salty breakfast. Favourite foods for breakfast are biscuits, brioches/muffins, rusks and cereals. This is followed by yoghurt (27%) and bread with jam or sweet spreads (24%). Among the most popular savoury products for breakfast are toast (10%), sliced meats and eggs (6%) and cheese (5%).


Source: YouGov

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