Unità 4


Learn Italian with our online Italian course! In the fourth unit of the Beginner A1.1 course, you’ll learn how to book a hotel room, what to say at the front desk, and how to talk about your vacation plans (where? with whom? how? when?). Learn vocabulary about the hotel, transportation, months and seasons. In the grammar section you will learn important prepositions and the indirect pronouns with the verb piacere. After you have worked through the lessons, you can watch the fourth video of our Video Fumetto! Test your knowledge with the TEST 4.



Book an hotel room


Learn the grammar of this unit


Learn useful words

coffee flag - Unit 4

Pausa Caffè

Italian culture and feeling

In TEST 3 you will find topics and vocabulary covered in the lessons in this unit. If you pass the test with at least 60% correct, you can start unit 3.

Don’t forget to review the topics where you made mistakes!

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