Adverbs of place


Dove? Let’s learn adverbs and prepositions of place in Italian along with a fantasma ghost and a tomba grave! You can also find an extensive list below. If the adverbs need a preposition, it is noted in the list.

Adverbs and prepositions of place in Italian

Il fantasma è davanti alla tomba.

Ortsadverbien auf Italienisch
davanti ain front of, fore
dietro behind
vicino a near
lontano dafaraway from
a destra dion the right
a sinistra dion the left
accanto a next to
di fronte ain front of, facing
fuori daoutside
su*on, up
qui | quahere
lì | làthere
laggiùdown there, over there
lassùup there

*Su means both on and up:
Il libro è sul tavolo. The book is on the table
Vado su. I’ll go up.

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