Corso d'italiano A1.1

Unità 3

In progress

Learn Italian with our online Italian course! In the third unit of the Beginner A1.1. course, you’ll learn how to meep up with friends and talk about your day and week. Learn vocabulary about days of the week, colors, foods and farm animals. and find out what Italians usually eat. In the grammar section, you’ll learn reflexive and modal verbs, articulated prepositions, and the partitive article. After you have worked through the lessons, you can watch the third Video Fumetto! Test your knowledge with the TEST 3.

video fumetto 3 pic 1 - Unit 3

Scotty visits Bruno at the agriturismo. He shows him around and tells him about his day.



Learn to order in a café and to talk about breakfast habits.


Learn the grammar of this unit.

In TEST 3 you will find topics and vocabulary covered in the lessons in this unit. If you pass the test with at least 60% correct, you can start unit 3.

Don’t forget to review the topics where you made mistakes!

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