Corso d'italiano A1.1

In progress

Learn Italian with our online Italian course! In the third unit of the Beginner Course A1.1. you’ll learn how to make plans with your friends and to talk about your day and week. We’ll learn some time, food and animals vocabulary and we’ll talk about what Italians usually eat.  After having worked through the lessons, you can watch the third video of our videocorso! Before you start with the next unit, test your knowledge with the final TEST 3.


Daily routine in Italian • Talk about your week • Che ore sono? Talk about time in Italian • Make plans with your friends

Italian grammar

The partitive article in Italian • Reflexive verbs

Italian vocabulary

Daily activities • Months and seasons • Farm animals


Italian meals: What and when do Italians eat?


Learn to order in a café and to talk about breakfast habits.


Learn the grammar of this unit.


Learn useful words.

Pausa Caffè

Italy and Italian feeling.

In TEST 3 you will find topics and vocabulary covered in the lessons in this unit. If you pass the test with at least 60% correct, you can start unit 3.

Don’t forget to review the topics where you made mistakes!