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Loescher Editore is a traditional Italian publishing house based in the heart of Turin, which has been publishing textbooks for primary and secondary education for 160 years. In recent years Loescher has expanded his catalog with texts for the study of Italian for foreigners and for adult education.

Since then, Loescher has been offering high quality books and materials for a thoughtful and experienced didactics in all aspects of teaching the Italian language, to support the valuable task of teachers to inspire themselves and their students.

In the digital world, Loescher is present with a WebTV that has become a reference point for many teachers and students, and has portals dedicated to integrated digital didactics, subjects and training for teachers and students to complement traditional teaching with a digital world with modern and always up-to-date tools.

Learn more on the Loescher Editore site for Italian as a foreign language: italianoperstranieri.loescher.it

Discover the wide range of course books from Loescher

Loescher is one of the leading publishers of Italian as a foreign language and has a wide range of high-quality language courses for all target groups and also different age groups.

Un nuovo giorno in Italia
Livello: A1-B2
Pubblicazione: 2016 – 2019

Want to know which Loescher course book we think is especially great for the classroom?

Livello: A1-B2
Pubblicazione: 2021 – 2024

Primo/Nuovo Contatto
Livello: A1-C1
Pubblicazione: 2011 – 2017

Livello: pre A1 – verso B1
Pubblicazione: 2016, 2021

Pari e dispari
Livello: pre A1-B1
Pubblicazione: 2016 – 2017

Spazio Italia
Livello: A1-B2
Pubblicazione: 2012 – 2015

LS & LS Junior
Livello: A1-B2
Pubblicazione: 2018 – 2021

This is only a small selection of the courses offered by Loescher Editore. Discover in the store of Italiano Bello many more courses from Loescher, Bonacci and other publishers, suitable for any age, target or even professional group.

Wide range of material for the classroom and for self-learning

Here you will find the entire catalog for Italian as a foreign language from Loescher Editore, Bonacci and La Linea Edu. In addition to excellent teaching activities, you can also find Loescher’s renowned grammars, books to prepare for language exams and certificates such as CELI, rich material on literature and regional studies, as well as didactic manuals for the classroom.

Letture graduate di italiano per stranieri

Loescher’s readings offer an enjoyable immersion in the Italian language with graded stories to read and listen to, with evocative images and compelling, topical plots.

The text is accompanied by comprehension and vocabulary-building exercises and detailed fact sheets.

All books from Loescher Editore available at Italiano Bello in our store


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We are the official distributor of Loescher Editore for Italian as a foreign language in Germany. We offer special conditions to bookstores as well as schools and other educational institutions.

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