Modal verbs


Modal verbs in Italian are very simple. Let’s learn the three modal verbs potere, dovere and volere in Italian.

Modal verbs in Italian

The modal verbs are irregular. The conjugation follows:

can, be allowed
must, have to
lui, leipuòdevevuole
  • Modal verbs are always followed by the infinitive: Devo lavorare. I have to work.
  • Volere can also be followed by a noun: Voglio un gelato. I want an ice cream.
  • Instead of voglio it is better to say vorrei: Vorrei un gelato. I would like an ice cream.


Tesoro, puoi comprare il pane, per favore?Honey, can you buy the bread, please?
Mamma, posso uscire a giocare?
– Prima devi finire i compiti.
Mom, can I go out and play?
– You have to finish your homework first.
Oggi devo lavorare fino a tardi.I have to work late today.
Voglio andare in vacanza!I want to go on vacation!
Vorrei un cappuccino, per favore.I’d like a cappuccino, please.
modal verbs in Italian


1. Verbi modali. Connect the questions with the answers.

Write the correct verb form.

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