The partitive article in plural

The partitive article (it. articolo partitivo) in plural is used to express an indefinite quantity. Learn the partitive article in Italian!

The partitive article in Italian

Partitive article in plural

Al parco ci sono dei bambini.

The partitive article is formed by the preposition di, which merges with the definite article. The definite articles in plural are i, gli and le:

di +idei cani
glidegli amici
ledelle case

Function: undefined quantity

It denotes an undefined quantity and thus represents the plural of the indefinite article. The indefinite article (un, una, …) has namely no plural.
In English, the plural of the partitive article corresponds to an empty space or some.

un cavallodei cavallia horse > (some) horses
un asinodegli asinia donkey > (some) donkeys
una muccadelle mucchea cow > (some) cows

The plural partitive article has the same meaning as alcuni/e some and can be replaced by it:

dei cavalli = alcuni cavalli

Overview of the articles

definiteil cavalloi cavalli
indefiniteun cavallodei cavalli
Partitive Article in Italian

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