Unità 1 : Piacere!

Start learning Italian with our online Italian course! In the first unit of the Beginner Course A1.1. you’ll learn the basics of the Italian language. Learn your first sentences and expressions to communicate, your first vocabulary and grammar. In the Pausa Caffè section you’ll learn Italian regions and listen to the Italian song L’Italiano by Toto Cutugno. Watch the Video Fumetto 1 to review the topics of this unit through a cute story with Scotty and Bruno and to meet all Italiano Bello’s characters! Test your knowledge with the final TEST 1!

It’s evening and a car full of furniture parks in front of a nice house in the outskirts of San Candido, Italy. A new neighbor! thinks Bruno and goes to meet the newcomer.

EXTRA: Meet all Italiano Bello’s characters!



Learn sentences and expressions to communicate


Learn important grammar topics


Learn useful words

lazy - Unit 1

Pausa Caffè

Italy and Italian feeling

In TEST 1 you will find topics and vocabulary you have learned in the lessons of this unit. The test is passed with 60% correct answers.

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