Numbers • I numeri


Uno, due, tre… do you already know the numbers in Italian? Listen to a children numbers’ song to learn the Italian numbers in Italian 0-100. I numeri in italiano!



The numbers in Italian 0-100

La canzone dei numeri



Ascolta e ripeti. Listen and repeat

0 zero 19 diciannove
1 uno 20 venti
2 due 21 ventuno
3 tre 22 ventidue
4 quattro 23 ventitré
5 cinque 24 ventiquattro
6 sei 25 venticinque
7 sette 26 ventisei
8 otto 27 ventisette
9 nove 28 ventotto
10 dieci 29 ventinove
11 undici 30 trenta
12 dodici 40 quaranta
13 tredici 50 cinquanta
14 quattordici 60 sessanta
15 quindici 70 settanta
16 sedici 80 ottanta
17 diciassette 90 novanta
18 diciotto 100 cento

Alcune regole

The numbers 0 to 20 have to be learned by heart. After 20 they are very easy to form, for example: 25 venticinque (venti + cinque).

In some cases the number 1 uno can be abbreviated to un, like in the song (un due tre).

If the number ends with 1 or 8, the final vowel of the tens is dropped: for example 21 is ventuno und not ventiuno.

21 ventuno
28 ventotto
71 settantuno


Numbers ending with 3 (except from the number 3 itself) are written with accent.

3 tre
23 ventitré
33 trentatré


1. Flashcards

Write the Italian numbers in letters.

2. Crucipuzzle

Find the numbers from 1 to 10 in the Crucipuzzle. Can you find them all? Buon divertimento!

Metti in pratica!

Use the numbers to say your age and phone number in Italian. Go to the lesson here

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