Introduce yourself in Italian

Learn your first sentences to introduce yourself in Italian. Your name, where do you live, where are you from.

introduce yourself in italian

Introduce yourself in Italian

Dialogue: Piacere!

Ciao! Mi chiamo Bruno, e tu?Hi! My name is Bruno, and yours?
Mi chiamo Scotty. Piacere!My name is Scotty. Nice to meet you!
Di dove sei?Where are you from?
Sono di Stoccolma.I’m from Stockholm.
Ah, sei svedese!Ah, you are Swedish!
Sì, ma adesso abito in Italia, a San Candido.Yes, but now a live in Italy, in San Candido.
Anch’io abito a San Candido!I live in San Candido, too!

Introduce yourself in Italian

Let’s learn to answer three simple questions in Italian: 1) What’s your name? 2) Where do you live? 3) Where are you from?

1. Come ti chiami?

Come ti chiami?
Mi chiamo Scotty.

The verb that you need to tell your name in Italian is the reflexive verb chiamarsi (literally ‘to call yourself’). Another possibilty is to introduce yourself using the verb essere to be.

Mi chiamo Scotty. My name is Scotty.
Sono Scotty.I am Scotty.

2. Dove abiti?

Dove abiti?
– Abito a Roma.
– Abito in Italia.

To tell where you do live, you use the verb abitare and the preposition A or IN, respectively to be used for a city or a country.

Abito a Roma.I live in Rom.
Abito in Italia.I live in Italy.

If you live in a small town that your listener probably does not know, you could say:

Abito a Caldaro, vicino a Bolzano.I live in Caldaro, near Bolzano.
Abito in un paesino vicino a Berlino.I live in a small village near Berlin.

Instead of the verb abitare (live in the sense of reside, dwell), you could also use the verb vivere (live in general sense):

Abito a Milano.I live (reside) in Milan.
Vivo a Milano.I live in Milan.

3. Di dove sei?

Di dove sei?
Sono di Vienna.

To say where you come from, you can just tell your nationality or you use the verb essere and the preposition DI, followed by your home city.

Sono austriaco / austriaca.I’m Austrian.
Sono austriaco, di Vienna.I’m from Vienna.
Sono di Vienna, ma adesso abito a Monaco.I’m from Vienna, but I live in Munich now.

With this expression you cannot say your home country, so you cannot say Sono di Austria. To say which is your home country, you just tell your nationality or you use another expression, namely vengo dall’Austria. Learn this expression in our lesson Sono di, vengo da – Where are you from in Italian.


1. Come ti chiami?

2. Quale preposizione?

3. Presentarsi

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