Essere and avere – To be and to have in Italian


The Italian verbs essere to be and avere to have are surely the most important verbs to know when you learn Italian. Italian essere and avere – to be and to have.

Italina essere and avere – to be and to have


iosonoI am
tuseiyou are
lui | lei | Lei èhe | she is | you are (polite form)
noisiamowe are
voisieteyou (all) are
lorosonothey are

You use the verb essere for many things, for example to tell:

who you aresono JaneI’m Jane
your nationalitysono ingleseI’m English
your home townsono di LondraI’m from London
your professionsono una segretariaI’m a secretary
your moodsono felice | tristeI’m happy | sad


iohoI have
tuhaiyou have
lui | lei | Lei hahe | she has | you have (polite form)
noiabbiamowe have
voiaveteyou (all) have
lorohannothey have

You use the verb avere for many things, for example to tell:

your ageho 30 anniI’m 30 years old
about things or animals you haveho un cane | una casaI’ve a dog | a house
about your familyho un figlio | una figliaI’ve a son | a daughter
expressions like be hungry or thirstyho fame | seteI’m hungry | thirsty


1. Il verbo essere

2. Il verbo avere

3. Essere o avere?

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