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Impara l'Italiano

Here you will find a structured course with grammarvocabulary and communication sections, in order to learn Italian step by step. For now is available the beginner level, further levels are planned.

Learn Italian vocabulary with our practical vocabulary lists to download and practice with the exercises and games.

To really learn a language, there is no way around grammar to really master it. Besides grammar articles you’ll find also the trainer verbi to practice verb conjugations and practical overviews of important grammar topics like tenses and prepositions.

In this section you’ll find sentences and dialogues to communicate and also quotes and wishes for all occasions. Say it in Italian!

Short Stories, E-Books, Video Books and Photo Stories in Italian to read and listen to to improve your reading and listening comprehension.

This section is like a blog where you can find various articles all around Italian culture, places, music, cuisine and literature and thematic calendars for special periods like Christmas and Easter. 

In our online bookstore you will find books and materials to learn the Italian language! Books to practice, learning games and original Italian books for children and teenagers. We also offer beautiful stationery and gift items like greeting cards, notebooks, calendars and mugs. Perfect for Italy lovers!

Cute and colorful illustrations

Because learning can be cute and fun!

Much material to download

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Interactive exercises

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Free lessons

Enjoy learning Italian for free!

Corso d'italiano

Do you think Italian is a beautiful language? Do you often travel to Italy and would you like to communicate with Italians? Start learning Italian now! Begin our Italian course and learn Italian with our friends on two and four paws!

Our first units to start learning Italian

Italian course to start learning Italian with videocorso

Unit 1

CORSO D’ITALIANO A1.1 Unità 1 : Piacere! Start learning Italian with our online Italian course! In the first unit of

Impara »
unita2 background - Italiano Bello

Unit 2

CORSO D’ITALIANO A1.1 Unità 2 Learn Italian with our online Italian course! In the second unit of the Beginner Course

Impara »


Learn new Italian vocabulary with vocabulary lists to download. Memorize vocabulary with our with Interactive Flashcards and Memory Games! 

Latest vocabulary articles


Learn or review a grammar topic with our grammar articles and practice with the interactive exercises. Train verb conjugations with the trainer verbi!

Latest grammar articles


Sentences and dialogues to communicate, quotes and wishes for all occasions. Say it in Italian!

Our latest articles


Practice your reading and listening comprehension with our unique stories and cute characters. You’ll find stories to read, listen to and even to watch. Learn Italian with stories!

Our latest stories

Italy & Italian Culture

Do you like to listen to Italian music and you’d like to sing along? Do you like Italian cuisine and you’d like to read original Italian recipes? Do you want to read about Italian geography, culture and traditions? Then this is the right place for you!

Latest articles about Italy

Behind the scenes

Italiano Bello is an online project to learn Italian for free. We work on this project in our spare time with great passion and dedication. Ellie is a Linguist (M.A.) and Italian Tutor and is the heart and soul of Italiano Bello, Daniel is the IT guy and takes care of the website, Kira and Cody are just cute and fluffy.

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