Edilingua Edizioni is a world leading independent and specialized publisher in the field of Italian as a foreign and second language. Since its founding in Rome in 1996, Edilingua has been able to produce a complete series of manuals and complementary books that have an excellent and growing response in over 80 countries.

Edilingua was founded by two teachers of Italian for foreigners (T. Marin and S. Magnelli) and more than half of the staff, not only the editors, are or have been teachers of Italian for foreigners, while the managing director is also an author of didactic texts. This means that throughout the publishing house there is a didactic culture that enables Edilingua to better understand its colleagues, schools and students and to create great books and unique, didactically valuable teaching materials.

As teachers, they know very well the reality of the classroom and how difficult it can be to deal with a heterogeneous and unmotivated group of students. This awareness and experience form the basis of their mission: to create high-quality educational materials that are current and modern, truly useful and practical, entertaining and easy to use. Material that facilitates the work of students and teachers and creates favorable conditions for learning.

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