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Babalibri is a publishing house that aims to offer quality foreign literature to Italian children.

Founded at the end of 1999 in co-edition with l’Ă©cole des loisirs – a renowned French publisher of children’s literature – and stands out for offering the Italian market authors of international standing and titles that stand out for their iconographic richness, the immediacy of the texts and the ability to accompany children in their emotional, cognitive and social development.

This philosophy has earned the publishing house the award of important prizes: Andersen, Nati per Leggere, Microeditoria di qualitĂ  and many others.

The most popular children's books from Babalibri in our shop


To get familiar with books and understand the joy of reading as an adventure in the world of words, imagination and fantasy, Babalibri has activities on the most popular books and characters in the catalog.

The combination of reading and entertainment should be maintained, as the two complement and reinforce each other and are essential for growing up. Download all the activities for school, bookstore, library or home for free!


Radiobaba is a selection of titles from the catalog read for the project “Storie da ascoltare: parole e musica per sognare” (“Stories to listen to: words and music to dream”). More than 20 books are already available, combining the importance of reading aloud with listening to music.

Also for learners and children growing up bilingual, the combination of reading and listening promotes understanding of the Italian language.

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