We are getting married in ITALIA! No shipping from 07 to 29 August.

We are getting married in ITALIA! No shipping from 07 to 29 August.

Amo l'Italia

This section is like a blog where you can find various articles all around Italy and its culture. Besides learning about Italy you’ll also practice your reading and listening skills thanks to Italian texts with English translation and additional material.

Discover our categories and learn everything about Italy!

Find out what Italians do on Christmas or New Year’s Eve and what traditions there are in Italy.

Not only love goes through the stomach. Learn Italian with recipes and articles on Italian cuisine.

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Here you will find everything about the regions of Italy and the most important sights of the most beautiful destination.

Learn Italian with your favorite songs by great Italian artists and translations of the song lyrics.

Italy is also the land of literature and poetry. Learn Italian with beautiful texts and poems and get to know the most important authors.

Italian culture and lifestyle

Improve your language and culture knowledge

With our articles you can learn more about Italy and its culture, music, food and places. The articles are divided into the following categories:

Some articles have only a cultural purpose and may be written only in English, others are written in Italian with English translation and are perfect to improve your reading (and listening) skills. Sometimes you’ll also find extra material to download.

Looking for more material to improve your reading and listening skills? Take a look at our story section!

Latest articles

All about Italy and its culture

Le tradizioni italiane

How do you celebrate Christmas in Italy or what do Italians do for New Year’s Eve? Learn all about Italian traditions and special holidays in Italy.

Latest articles about traditions in Italy

La cucina italiana

You like Italian cuisine and want to prepare specialties according to original Italian recipes? Food is the most beautiful part of Italian culture. With our Italian recipes and articles about Italian cuisine, we bring Italy home to you and you learn a lot of important vocabulary on your culinary journey through Italy.

Latest articles on Italian cuisine

torta pasqualina

Torta pasqualina

Original recipe in Italian • Video recipe • savory Easter Cake • PDF • Vocabulary List • Italian-English

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A trip to Italy is always worthwhile. Hardly any other country has so many sights and so much culture to offer. Of course, the Italian beaches and cuisine are also more than worth a trip. Read here what Italy and the Italian culture has to offer, learn everything about the regions and sights.

Latest destinations in Italy

La musica italiana

Do you like listening to Italian music and want to sing along? Translating your favorite songs is a great exercise to learn new vocabulary. Here you can find articles about popular musicians and groups from Italy and their hits with the original Italian lyrics. You’ll also find translations and even exercises. Have fun learning Italian with your favorite music!

Latest favorite songs

Letteratura e poesie

Italy is also the land of literature and poetry. Learn with beautiful texts and poems in Italian and get to know the most important authors and their works.

Latest poems and articles about literature

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