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We at Italiano Bello also sell to bookstores under the Bello Books Distribution imprint and handle official distribution in Germany for publishers from Italy.

Discover fantastic children’s books and books for learning and teaching Italian as a foreign language from selected publishers from Italy.

Publishers represented by Italiano Bello in Germany

We represent Italian publishers in Germany under Bello Books Distribution.

For more information on the publishers we represent, terms and conditions, and also for order forms, email us at order@italiano-bello.com.

Loescher Editore

Loescher offers high quality books and materials for a thoughtful and experienced didactics in all aspects of teaching the Italian language.

Here you will find the entire catalog for Italian as a foreign language from Loescher Editore, Bonacci and La Linea Edu. In addition to excellent teaching activities, you can also find Loescher’s renowned grammars, books to prepare for language exams and certificates such as CELI, rich material on literature and regional studies, as well as didactic manuals for the classroom.

Learn more on the Loescher Editore site for Italian as a foreign language: italianoperstranieri.loescher.it

Loescher Editore

Ornimi Editions

The mission of Ornimi Editions is to create innovative and high quality teaching materials for the Italian language.

The entire staff consists of teachers specialised and qualified in teaching Italian to foreigners as L2 (Italian for foreigners in Italy) and LS (Italian for foreigners abroad). This provides a tangible understanding of the real needs of teachers, schools and students. Awareness and didactic experience, a genuine didactic culture, that is the basis of the mission.

In addition, Ornimi Editions aims to ensure continuous and concrete contact with teachers by offering didactic advice and teacher training through didactic workshops in teaching centers, schools and universities.


L’italiano nel mondo… da insegnanti a insegnanti

Edilingua is a world-leading, independent and specialized publisher in the field of Italian as a foreign and second language. Since its founding in Rome in 1996, Edilingua has been able to produce a complete series of manuals and complementary books that have an excellent and growing response in over 80 countries.

We have the entire catalog of course books for children and adults from Edilingua and of course all supplementary titles such as grammars and readings.

Bello Books

Bello Books is the publishing house of Italiano Bello and aims to promote multilingualism and language learning. You can find the entire catalog in our store or on bellobooks.de.

The bilingual books are especially suitable for children growing up bilingually, but also for learners of the Italian language. For learners, there are also simplified readings to supplement the bilingual publications of original texts for learning with exercises in the booklet and additional material available online.

Storybox Editore

Storybox, based in Milan, is an independent publishing house that prints quality products for children, teens and young adults, focusing on the reader and the places where they read: Bookstores and Libraries.

Storybox has already published, among others, two remarkable story collections for children in collaboration with the ICWA (Italian Children’s Book Writers Association), with a new story every day by a different author.

Coccole Books

Coccole Books is an independent Italian publisher with a social and solidarity vocation from Calabria, specializing in children’s books and youth literature. You can find the entire catalog in our shop or on coccolebooks.com.

The essential objective of the publications is “to offer the reader the opportunity to become a discerning and critical reader. A good book consists not only of a good story, but also of high-quality paper, printed and bound in an environmentally friendly way”.

Request conditions for booksellers or order forms

For the book trade we grant the typical book trade conditions. Of course, purchase on account is possible with a payment term of usually 30 days.

Inquiries and orders can be sent by e-mail to order@italiano-bello.com and, on request, we can also set up a user account so that you can order directly from our store at bookstore conditions.

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