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Free Italian eBooks with additional audio file and complete translation into German and English from Italiano Bello for different levels. Read a story in Italian and improve your reading and listening comprehension and learn new vocabulary! Discover free eBooks as PDF or even more eBooks as ePUB from Italian publishers to download.

In our eBooks, the dogs Kira and Cody have great adventures! Whether it’s with Pasquale, the Easter Bunny, or Babbo Natale, Santa Claus, each adventure is always fun and will help you improve your Italian. Perfect for children, but also for adult learners. Sometimes even our other characters, the human Fiona and the cat Romeo, the bear Bruno and the squirrel Scotty are there!

Free Italian eBooks by Italiano Bello

la maledizione delle zucche

La maledizione delle zucche (B1/B2)

Fiona ed Emma volevano passare una tranquilla serata di Halloween con un risotto alla zucca e un buon film, ma all’ultimo minuto decisero di visitare un misterioso villaggio di Halloween in centro città…

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Read eBooks and learn Italian

Reading an eBook has the advantage that you can look up an unknown word directly in your built-in dictionary, for example with a Kindle Reader. The sample photo shows the first eBook from the Altea series by Isabel Harper with the Kindle Reader and the dictionary function.

You will see, reading eBooks is quite practical for learning languages!

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