We are getting married in ITALIA! No shipping from 07 to 29 August.

We are getting married in ITALIA! No shipping from 07 to 29 August.

A1 • Scotty ha freddo

The squirrel Scotty is cold, hungry and thirsty. What can he do? Very simple short story in Italian for completely beginners.

seasons in Italian

Simple Story in Italian

Scotty ha freddo

È inverno e lo scoiattolo Scotty ha freddo. Ha anche fame e sete. Allora prende una coperta calda, mangia un po’ di noci e beve un tè caldo. Ora Scotty è soddisfatto!
Yaawn. È molto tardi e Scotty ha sonno.
«Vado a dormire» dice.
Buona notte e sogni d’oro, Scotty!


It’s winter and the squirrel Scotty is cold. He’s also hungry and thirsty. So he takes a warm blanket, eats some nuts and drinks a hot tea. Now Scotty’s satisfied!
Yaawn. It’s very late and Scotty is sleepy.
«I’m going to sleep» he says.
Good night and sweet dreams, Scotty!

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Illustration credits: Freepik

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