Che lavoro fai? Talk about your job

Che lavoro fai? Learn how to ask about your profession and place of work and how to answer. Let’s talk about your job in Italian!


Che lavoro fa?What’s your job? [polite form]
Faccio la cameriera, e Lei?I am a waitress, and you?
Io sono traduttrice. Dove lavora?I am translator. Where do you work?
Lavoro in un ristorante, e Lei?I work in a restaurant, and you?
Lavoro in un’azienda.I work in a company.

Talk about your job

Faccio la cameriera

Che lavoro fa?
Faccio la cameriera.
Sono (una) cameriera.

To talk about your profession, you can use both the verb fare and the verb essere. Note that with fare you need the definite article, with essere you need either nothing or the indefinite article.

Faccio la cameriera.Sono (una) cameriera.I’m (a) waitress.
Faccio l’impiegato.Sono (un) impiegato.I am (an) employee.
Faccio la traduttrice.Sono (una) traduttrice.I am (a) translator.

Lavoro in un ristorante

Dove lavora?
Lavoro in un ristorante.

To talk about your work place, you usually use the preposition in.

Lavoro in un ristorante.I work in a restaurant.
Lavoro in un ufficio.I work in an office.
Lavoro in un’azienda.I work in a company.

Learn the professions in Italian


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