50 important verbs

How many Italian verbs do you already know? Here you can learn 50 important verbs in Italian you absolutely need to know for your basic Italian vocabulary! These verbs are an essential part of your A1 vocabulary. Buono studio!

50 important verbs in Italian

Note: Some verbs have several meanings and possible translations. In the following table we have noted only the main meanings and most important translations.

essereto be
avereto have
andareto go
fareto do, make
mangiareto eat
bereto drink
dormireto sleep
parlareto speak
direto say
abitareto live, reside
vivereto live
lavorareto work
leggereto read
scrivereto write
giocareto play (a game)
suonareto play (an instrument)
camminareto walk
correreto run
dareto give
regalareto give as gift
prendereto take
portareto bring
aspettareto wait
comprareto buy
pagareto pay
volereto want
dovereto must, have to
potereto can, be able to, be allowed
sapereto know, to can (skill)
conoscereto know
incontrareto meet
stareto be, stay
imparareto learn
studiareto study, learn
sentireto hear
ascoltareto listen
vedereto see
guardareto watch, look at
chiamareto call
cucinareto cook
preparareto prepare
nuotareto swim
pulireto clean
lavareto wash
offrireto offer
uscireto go out
viaggiareto travel
partireto leave, depart
venireto come
arrivareto arrive

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