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The progressive form represents actions that are in progress and correspond to the English -ing form. It is very easy to learn!

The progressive form: la forma progressiva

The progressive form in Italian is formed with the verb stare + gerund. How do I form the gerund? For the gerund you have to separate the endings -are, -ere, -ire from the verb and add -ando for ARE and -endo for ERE and IRE.

The Gerund

lavor | arescriv | eredorm | ire
lavor andoscriv endodorm endo

The progressive form: stare + gerund

For the progressive form, you must combine the verb stare with the gerund.

STARE + Gerundium (ando/endo/endo)

lui, leistalavorandoscrivendodormendo

Presente e passato progressivo

Depending on whether the action takes place in the present or in the past, you have to conjugate the verb STARE in the present or imperfect tense. The tense is then called presente progressivo (sto mangiando) or passato progressivo (stavo mangiando).

Il telefono sta suonando. Rispondi tu?The phone is ringing. Will you answer it?
Mentre stavo facendo la spesa ho incontrato un’amica.While I was shopping for groceries I ran into a friend.


The progressive form represents actions that are just happening. This can be an action that is actually happening right now, or something that is generally happening at the time. The action can take place in the present or in the past.

Mia mamma sta cucinando, c’è profumo di lasagne!My mom is cooking, it smells like lasagna!
In questi giorni sto lavorando a un progetto importante.These days I’m working on an important project.
Stavamo camminando nel bosco quando all’improvviso una volpe ha attraversato il sentiero.We were walking in the woods when suddenly a fox crossed the path.
The progressive form in Italian
The progressive form in Italian


What do the people do? Add the appropriate verb in the progressive form (present tense).

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