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We are getting married in ITALIA! No shipping from 07 to 29 August.

Overview Prepositions with ANDARE

Learning the verb andare and its prepositions often causes difficulties. There are some rules for this, but many you just have to learn by heart. Let’s learn the prepositions with andare!

Preposizioni con andare

Materiale da scaricare


Preposizioni con andare: Introduzione

There are basically the following possibilities with the verb andare:

AVado a casaI go home
A + articleVado al cinemaI go to the cinema
INVado in pizzeriaI go to the pizzeria
DA (with/without article)Vado da Mario / dal dottoreI go to Mario / the doctor

You should also know that these prepositions or rules apply not only to andare, but also to essere, so the preposition is the same whether you are going (movement) or you are there (state).

Vado al cinemaI go to the cinema
Sono al cinemaI’m at the cinema
Vado dal dottoreI go to the doctor
Sono dal dottoreI’m at the doctor

Impariamo le preposizioni con andare!

Andare A

Andare is followed by A (without article) in the following cases:

A +Vado… 
City, villagea Romato Rom
Small island*a Maltato Malta
Verba dormireto sleep
Cardinal pointa sudto the south

* If plural or with the word isola, then with article: alle Maldive to the Maldives, all’isola d’Elba to the island of Elba.

Then we need A for the following places, that you should learn by heart:

a scuolato school
a casato home
a teatroto the theater
a lettoto bed
a lezioneto class
a messa / alla messato Mass

Andare AL, ALLA,...

You’ll use andare A + article (see articulated prepositions) for many places. The decision between the different forms (al, alla, etc.) depends on the definite article.


al mareto the sea
al lagoto the lake
al lavoroto work
al ristoranteto the restaurant
al barto the café
al cinemato the cinema
al supermercatoto the supermarket
al mercatoto the market
al museo to the museum
al centro commercialeto the mall
al pronto soccorsoto the emergency room 
al corso d’italianoto the Italian course
al parcoto the park 


alla stazioneto the station
alla postato the post
alla festato the party
alla riunioneto the meeting
alla fermatato the stop 


all’ospedaleto the hospital
all’universitàto the university
all’aeroportoto the airport
all’ufficio informazioni to the information desk
all’appuntamentoto the appointment
allo stadioto the stadium

Andare IN

Andare is followed by IN (without article) in the following cases:

IN +Vado… 
Country*in Italiato Italy
Regionin Toscanato Tuscany
Big islandin Siciliato Sicily
Places in -iain pizzeriato the pizzeria
Places in -tecain bibliotecato the library
House roomsin cucinato the kitchen

*If plural, with article: negli Stati Uniti to the United States.

We also need IN for the following places:

in vacanzaon vacation
in cittàto the city
in centro (città)to the (city) centre
in montagnato the mountains
in campagnato the countryside
in bancato the bank
in ufficioto the office
in piscinato the swimming pool
in palestrato the gym
in spiaggia | alla spiaggiato the beach
in chiesato the church
in questurato the police station
nel boscoto the woods


Andare DA

Andare DA is quite simple: we always use DA with people. The decision with/without article simply depends on what follows it. For example, proper nouns and possessives with family members (in the singular) have no article, in the other cases you need the article.

da Marioto Mario
da mio maritoto my husband
dal dottoreto the doctor
dalla parrucchierato the hairdresser
dalla mia amicato my friend

Altri casi

Con UN, UNA,…

When the place is indefinite or when we have the indefinite article, we use IN:

in un ristoranteto a restaurant
in una bancato a bank
in un supermercatoto a supermarket 

Posti specifici

When the place is specified, for example, when you say the name, you use A + article:

alla pizzeria Da Marioto the pizzeria Da Mario
alla banca Impresato the bank Impresa
al teatro La Scalato the theather La Scala


If you’re inside and you want to highlight it, use IN + article.

nella stazione (= dentro la stazione)in the station
nel bar (= dentro il bar)in the café
nel supermercato (=dentro il supermercato)in the supermarket

TEST sulle preposizioni con ANDARE

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