We are getting married in ITALIA! No shipping from 07 to 29 August.

We are getting married in ITALIA! No shipping from 07 to 29 August.

Italian DIY Advent Calendar

The Italian DIY Advent calendar to read and learn a little Italian every day until Christmas! 

Download, cut, decorate and enjoy Christmas in Italian!

calendario jenny - Italian DIY Advent Calendar

Italian DIY Advent Calender


calendario - Italian DIY Advent Calendar

The Advent calendar to cut out. Print this document on thick paper on both sides, mirror on long edge, size 100%, colored. 

Decorative elements

elementen - Italian DIY Advent Calendar

The decorative elements to decorate the calendar. Print this document on thick paper on one side, size 100%, colored.

Step by step guide

  1. First you have to print the two PDFs, the calendar and the elements, on thick paper (e.g. 160 g/m²):
    Printer settings: a) Calendar: print on both sides, mirror on long edge, size 100%, colored. b) Elements: print on one side, size 100%, colored.
  2. Then you have to cut out the figures of the calendars (Cody, Kira, Romeo, Bruno and Scotty), the decoration elements and the numbers from 1 to 24 with small scissors. Pay attention: Do not mix up the days! It is best to combine the cut out figures immediately with the matching number.
  3. Fold the figures so that they have the face in front and the tail in the back. You don’t need to look at the content yet 🙂
  4. With photo stickers or glue you can dress all the figures in your favorite Christmassy style! The numbers of the days must also be attached.
  5. You can put your calendar in a basket or hang it on a thick thread with clips.
  6. Ta-daaa! Your advent calendar is ready!
  7. Send us a photo of your Advent calendar
  8. Begin to read the first text on December 1st and read every day one text till December 24.
  9. Wanna learn more? Download the Advent book to read stories and learn more about Italian Christmas traditions, do the daily exercises of the exercise book and watch the daily video! You can find everything in our article Italian Advent Calendar. 
  10. Have fun learning Italian and buon Natale!

Photo Gallery

Many thanks to Stephanie, Karin, Jenny, Julia, Kerstin and Francy for your wonderful pictures!

The Advent Book & more

cover libro - Italian DIY Advent Calendar

Together with the Italian DIY Advent calendar there is also an Advent book and an exercise booklet. You will also find a video every day and much more! Discover everything around Advent!

Credits for decorative elements: Freepik

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