Dove vai in vacanza? Talk about your vacation plans


Where do you go on vacation? How? When? With whom? Let’s talk about vacation plans in Italian!

Your vacation plans in Italian

dove vai in vacanza - Dove vai in vacanza? Talk about your vacation plans

Con chi?

Con chi vai in vacanza?
Con la mia famiglia.

Who are you going on vacation with? To say with whom you need the preposition con:

con la mia famigliawith my family
con mio marito / mia mogliewith my husband / wife
con i miei amiciwith my friends
da solo / da solaalone


Come vai in vacanza?
In macchina.

How are you going on vacation? To express the means of transport you need either the preposition in or con + article:

in macchina / con la macchinawith the car
in aereo / con l’aereowith the airplane
in camper / con il camperwith the camper

Learn the vocabulary of means of transport in our article.


Quando vai in vacanza?
Dal 10 al 20 luglio

When are you going on vacation? Learn how to express the time:

in + seasonin estatein the summer
in / a + monthin / a luglioon July
dal … al …dal 10 al 20 lugliofrom 10th to 20th July
parto il …parto il 10 luglio e torno il 20I’m leaving on July 10th and I’ll be back on the 20th.


Dove vai in vacanza?
Vado a Firenze, in Toscana.

Where are you going on vacation? To express the place you’ll need a few different prepositions depending on what you say:

a + village, city, small islanda Sirmione, a Firenze, a Maltato Sirmione, Florence, Malta
in + region, country, big islandin Toscana, in Italia, in Siciliato Tuscany, Italy, Sicily

Vado al mare.

al mareto the sea
al lagoto the lake
in montagnato the mountains
in cittàto town

Vado sul Mediterraneo.

If you specify the name of the sea, lake or mountain, you use the preposition su + article. For lakes you can use both sul or al.

sul Mediterraneoto the Mediterranean
sul / al lago di Gardato the Garda lake
sulle Alpito the Alps

Dove alloggi?

Dove alloggi?
In un hotel.

Where are you staying? Tell about your accommodation (it. l’alloggio).

in un hotel / albergoin a hotel
in un appartamentoin an apartment
in un campeggioin a campsite
a casa di un amicoat a friend’s house


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