We are getting married in ITALIA! No shipping from 07 to 29 August.

We are getting married in ITALIA! No shipping from 07 to 29 August.

19 March – Father’s Day in Italy

Did you know that Father’s Day (it. la Festa del Papà) in Italy is on March 19? Why? What do people do on this day? Let’s learn more about Father’s Day in Italy!

Father's Day in Italy

La Festa del Papà

Father’s Day is celebrated in Italy on March 19 because it is San Giuseppe (St. Joseph’s Day). Joseph is considered the symbol of the father figure: good, hardworking, understanding and able to raise the Son of God. That is why all fathers are celebrated on St. Joseph’s Day!

On this day in Italy, people wish Tanti auguri to their own father and grandpa, (who is also a father), and in general Tanti auguri a tutti i papà, all the best to all fathers! 

March 19 is not a holiday in Italy, however, and people go to school or work as normal. Children draw pictures and write little poems. 

Le zeppole di San Giuseppe

The zeppole di San Giuseppe are the traditional sweets of this day. They are small doughnuts made of Choux pastry and canned black cherries.
These sweets are attributed to the saint because it is said that during his escape to Egypt, in order to escape from the terrible King Herod, Joseph was forced to sell some kind of doughnuts to support his family.

Una poesia per la Festa del Papà

Lo conoscete il mio papà?
Ve lo presento: eccolo qua!
Ma non è vero che è un tesoro?
Un paparino tutto d’oro.
Se fa il severo, quando s’arrabbia, mi dice: “A letto!”
Io lo abbraccio, gli do un bacetto.
A questo punto subito molla,
diventa dolce, di pastafrolla.


Do you know my dad?
Meet my dad: Here he is!
He is a sweetheart, isn’t he?
A golden daddy.
When he’s strict, when he gets angry, he says to me, “To bed!”
I hug him, I give him a little kiss.
Then he gives up right away,
he becomes sweet, of shortcrust pastry.

Auguri a tutti i papà!

Fonti: Design immagini: Italiano Bello, Immagine vettoriale papà e bambina: Freepik, Foto Zeppole: GialloZafferano, Poesia: pianeta-bambini.it (autore ignoto).

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