We are getting married in ITALIA! No shipping from 07 to 29 August.

We are getting married in ITALIA! No shipping from 07 to 29 August.

Easter • La Pasqua

Let’s learn lots of vocabulary related to Easter! Easter Vocabulary in Italian. La Pasqua!

Content overview

la Pasqua

Easter Vocabulary in Italian


ItalianoBello pasqua web • Easter • La Pasqua



la Pasqua(the) Easter
pasqualeof Easter
l’uovo (pl. le uova)the egg (the eggs)
l’uovo di Pasqua the Easter egg
l’uovo di cioccolatothe chocolate egg
dipingere / decorare le uovato paint / decorate eggs
cercare le uovato look for eggs
la caccia alle uovathe egg hunt
il pulcinothe chick
l’agnellothe lamb
la colombathe (white) dove
la colomba pasquale[Italian Easter cake]
il conigliettothe bunny
il coniglietto pasqualethe Easter bunny
il coniglietto di cioccolatothe chocolate bunny
il cioccolatothe chocolate
il cestinothe (small) basket
il rametto d’ulivothe olive branch
la crocethe cross
la crocifissionethe crucifixion
la Resurrezionethe Resurrection
la Domenica delle PalmePalm Sunday
il giovedì santoHoly Thursday
il venerdì santoGood Friday
Pasquetta il Lunedì dell’AngeloEaster Monday


1. Memory

Play Memory! How long will it take you to find all the word-picture pairs?

2. Flashcards

Write the corresponding Italian word.

The flashcards refer to our vocabulary list. The blue “i” gives you useful hints. Capitalization is not important. Don’t forget the article, if necessary.

I disegni sono di Italiano Bello

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