The Italian alphabet


Ciao amico! Today we will learn the Italian alphabet and one word for each letter. Watch the video and say the alphabet loud. Download the PDF and learn your first Italian words!

Aal’alberothe tree
Bbiil bambinothe child
Cci il caffèthe coffee
Ddiil dolcethe dessert
Eel’elefantethe elephant
Ffla fruttathe fruit
Ggiil gattothe cat
Haccal’hotelthe hotel
I il’italianothe Italian
Lelleil lagothe lake
Memmela manothe hand
Nenneil numerothe number
Ool’ombrellothe umbrella
Ppila postathe post
Qquil quadernothe notebook
Rerrela rosathe rose
Sesseil solethe sun
Ttila tendathe tent
Uul’uccellothe bird
Vvi (auch: vu)il vasothe vase
Zzetalo zainothe backpack

There are also five “foreign” letters:
j i lunga
k kappa
w vu doppia
x ics
y ipsilon


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