Reflexive verbs


Let’s practice with two exercises, interactive flashcards and a fun find-the-word game to learn useful reflexive verbs in Italian! If you need a little refresher, check out our vocabulary list about 30 Italian reflexive verbs.

Will you be able to remember all the words? Try! Practice makes perfect.

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Reflexive verbs in Italian


1. Il verbo giusto

2. Contrari

Interactive flashcards

With our interactive flashcards you can easily practice your Italian vocabulary: You read the English word and have to write the corresponding Italian word. Don’t worry if you can’t memorize all the vocabulary: try again and again and in a short time you’ll succeed!

There is not always a clear translation. But since only one answer is possible, we have given the Italian literal translation or other comments as a tip (the small blue i ).

You do not remember all the words? Have a look at our vocabulary list with 30 reflexive verbs.

Find-the-word game

With our Find-the-word game  you can memorize Italian vocabulary in a fun way: You have to find 10 reflexive verbs. Will you be able to find the all?

The words are listed right below.

Wanna review the grammar?

If you want to review how to conjugate reflexive verbs, you can read our grammar lesson about reflexive verbs.

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