Irregular verbs in Passato Prossimo


Let’s learn important irregular verbs in Passato Prossimo with interactive flashcards and a fun find the word game! If you need a little refresher, check out our vocabulary list with 55 irregular verbs in Passato Prossimo.

Will you be able to remember all the words? Try! Practice makes perfect.

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Irregular Verbs in Passato Prossimo

Interactive Flashcards

With our interactive flashcards you can easily practice your Italian vocabulary: You read the verb in infinite and you have to write the corresponding past participle: e.g. amare > amato. Don’t worry if you can’t memorize all the vocabulary: try again and again and in a short time you’ll succeed!

You do not remember all the words? Have a look at our vocabulary list with 55 irregular verbs in passato prossimo.

30 Verbs

Other 25 verbs – for pros!

Find the words

Have fun with the find-the-words game: You have to search for the Italian past participles displayed in the field and simply draw a line from the beginning to the end of the word with your finger or mouse. This game helps you to memorise the vocabulary even better and it is a playful break for in between. How long will it take you to find all the words? Try it!

The words to find are listed immediately below.

Review the grammar

If you want to read again how to form and use the passato prossimo, you can take a look at our grammar articles on the passato prossimo.

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