Taste • Il sapore


Learn some simple Italian adjectives useful to describe taste, in Italian il sapore, or, in general, to describe food and drink. Learn Italian adjectives of the taste and practice with our vocabulary trainer.

Il caffè è molto amaro. Bevo sempre il caffè con lo zucchero.

Taste • Il sapore

italianobello sapore - Taste • Il sapore
buono(taste) good
deliziosodelicious, very tasty
salato2salty, savory
piccantespicy, hot
bollente4very hot, boiling hot

1 A synonym of aspro is acido. They mean more or less the same thing, but they have different uses:
il limone (lemon) and l’aceto (vinegar) are aspri;
You can buy la panna acida (sour cream); il latte (milk) can become acido.
2 Salato means salty, but it can stand also for savory, like: Preferisci la colazione dolce o salata? Do you prefer sweet or savory breakfast?
3 Caldo means warm, but in some contexts it stands for hot, like: Le bevande calde e fredde hot and cold drinks.
4 Bollente means that something is very, very hot (more or less boiling temperature) and if you drink un caffè bollente you’ll burn your tongue 🙂

Buono e buonissimo

To say that something tastes (very) good, there are the following common possibilities:

è buono
ha un buon sapore
it tastes good
è molto buono
è buonissimo
it tastes very good / it’s tasty / very tasty
è delizioso
è squisito
it’s delicious / very tasty
è ottimoit’s excellent

Il sapore e il gusto

Il gusto is both one of the five senses, the sense of taste, as well as the flavor variety:

Che gusto di gelato ti piace?What flavor of ice cream do you like?
Vorrei un gelato ai gusti fragola e cioccolato.I would like an ice cream with strawberry and chocolate flavors.

Il sapore is the feeling of taste and it can expressed with the verb to taste in English.

Ha un buon sapore. It tastes good.
Che sapore ha? What does it taste like?
Ha un sapore strano.It tastes strange.

Practice with the Vocabulary Trainer

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