Reflexive verbs (30)


How many reflexive verbs do you already know? With our vocabulary list you can learn 30 useful reflexive verbs! Do you remember how these verbs work? Read our lesson about reflexive verbs in Italian.

Reflexive verbs in Italian

svegliarsito wake up
addormentarsito fall asleep
prepararsito get ready
lavarsito wash yourself
vestirsito get dressed
mettersi (una maglietta)to put on (a t-shirt)
pettinarsito comb (one’s hair)
truccarsito put on make up
farsi la barbato shave
sedersito sit down
alzarsito stand up
sdraiarsito lay down
chiamarsito be called (my name is…)
rilassarsito relax
riposarsito rest
incontrarsi (con)to meet up (with)
divertirsito have fun
annoiarsito get bored
stancarsito get tired; to have enough of
arrabbiarsito get angry
innamorarsi (di)to fall in love (with)
sposarsito get married
abbronzarsito get a tan
laurearsito graduate
avvicinarsito get closer
allontanarsito go away, to step back
abituarsi (a)to get used (to)
sbrigarsito hurry
fermarsito stop
ubriacarsito get drunk

Exercise with our Vocabulary Trainer

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