uccello - L'uccello





masculine noun

Categories: animals, spring

l’uccellogli uccelli

Diminutive: l’uccellino little bird


  • Sull’albero c’è un nido di uccelli. On the tree is a bird’s nest.
  • La mattina sento gli uccelli cantare. In the morning I hear the birds singing.
  • L’uccello vola sopra i tetti delle case. The bird flies over the roofs of houses.
  • Gli uccellini fanno il bagno nella pozza. The little birds bathe in the puddle.

Gli uccelli

Which are the main characteristics of birds?

volareto fly
deporre le uovato lay eggs
le aliwings
il beccobeak
il nidonest
cinguettareto tweet
cantareto sing

Tipi di uccelli

Pettirossi e… pettigialli!

The following comic is the beginning (3 pages) of a story from a Topolino, an Italian weekly magazine that publishes comics with Topolino Mickey Mouse, Paperino Donald Duck, Pippo Goofy and other Disney characters. In this story Topolino, Pippo and the dog Pluto do birdwatching.

– Il titolo: Pluto e l’incontro ravvicinatissimo. An “incontro ravvicinato” is a close encounter – with aliens. In this case the encounter “ravvicininatissimo” is very close. In fact, further in the story, aliens also come into play.
– Except pettirosso (robin) redbreast, the other bird species like pettigiallo or pettiblu do not exist, they are just invented words.

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