6. A fine, such bad luck!


Bruno and Scotty are visiting the smallest region in Italy: the Aosta Valley! With the series Turisti in Valle d’Aosta tourists in the Aosta Valley you’ll learn Italian by following Bruno and Scotty traveling from the city centre of Aosta to the Fénis castle. After an introduction about the region, you’ll learn how to ask for information and directions and how to buy a train ticket and an entrance ticket. At the end we’ll visit the castle together and we’ll even meet its ghost! Enjoy watching the series and learn useful vocabulary and sentences. Right below the videos you’ll find the script and the translation for you to review the sentences.

Episodio 6: Una multa, che sfortuna!

Bruno and Scotty have bought the tickets, but they forgot to do something…


Una multa, che sfortuna!

multa pic.001 600x450 1 - 6. A fine, such bad luck!

Scotty: “We did it, thank goodness!”
Bruno: “That was close!”

farcela to make it
Pronominal verb: fare + ce + la. Ce and la remain unchanged.
The ending of the passato prossimo is always feminine because of la (fatta).
Ce la faccio I can make it
Ce l’ho fatta I made it
Ce l’abbiamo fatta we made it

multa pic.002 600x450 1 - 6. A fine, such bad luck!

Scotty: “These seats are big and comfortable.”
Bruno: “There’s a beautiful view from the window!”

Il sedile the seat
Il finestrino the window (lit. small window) [of cars, trains, airplanes, buses]

multa pic.003 600x450 1 - 6. A fine, such bad luck!

Controllore: “Ticket, please.”
Scotty: “Here.”

Il controllore ticket inspector

multa pic.004 600x450 1 - 6. A fine, such bad luck!

Controller: “But these tickets aren’t stamped.”
Scotty: “Oh no! We didn’t make it in time, the train had already arrived and…”

timbrare il biglietto to stampe the ticket (= to validate)
fare in tempo to make it in time

multa pic.005 600x450 1 - 6. A fine, such bad luck!

Controller: “I’m sorry, but it’s a 50€ fine.”
Scotty: “Seriously? But we…”

multa pic.006 600x450 1 - 6. A fine, such bad luck!

Controllore: “Plus 7€ because of dirt. Will you pay immediately?”
Bruno: “Oops, I’m sorry…”
Scotty: “… Yes, we’ll pay now…”

Bruno e Scotty hanno preso una multa! Che sfortuna!
Bruno and Scotty got a ticket! Such a bad luck!

More info about parking tickets on trains (Trenitalia) here.

Immagine di sfondo: vectorpouch by Freepik

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