4. We are lost!


Bruno and Scotty are visiting the smallest region in Italy: the Aosta Valley! With the series Turisti in Valle d’Aosta tourists in the Aosta Valley you’ll learn Italian by following Bruno and Scotty traveling from the city centre of Aosta to the Fénis castle. After an introduction about the region, you’ll learn how to ask for information and directions and how to buy a train ticket and an entrance ticket. At the end we’ll visit the castle together and we’ll even meet its ghost! Enjoy watching the series and learn useful vocabulary and sentences. Right below the videos you’ll find the script and the translation for you to review the sentences.

Episodio 4: Ci siamo persi!

Bruno and Scotty have to go to the station. Will they be able to reach her?


Ci siamo persi!

perdersi 1.001 600x450 1 - 4. We are lost!

La partenza start (also: departure)
L’arrivo finish line (also: arrival)

Scotty: “Secondo te stiamo andando nella direzione giusta?”
Bruno: “Boh, spero di sì!”

Scotty: “Do you think we’re going the right way?”
Bruno: “I don’t know, I hope so!”

Bruno: “Guarda, un’osteria! Mangiamo qualcosa? Ho una fame da lupi!”
Scotty: “Ma Bruno, abbiamo appena pranzato!”

Bruno: “Look, a tavern! Let’s eat something, ok? I’m starving!” (lit. hungry like wolfes)
Scotty: “But Bruno, we just had lunch!”

Bruno: “E ora dove andiamo?”
Scotty: “Andiamo dritto!”

Bruno: “Where are we going now?”
Scotty: “Let’s go straight!”

Bruno: “E adesso? Destra o sinistra?”
Scotty: “Proviamo a destra!”

Bruno: “And now? Right or left?”
Scotty: “Let’s try right.”

Scotty: “Mi sembra* di riconoscere questa strada…
Bruno: “Oh guarda! Un parco giochi! Andiamo sull’altalena!”
Scotty: “Bruno, sei proprio un bambino!”

Scotty: “I think* I recognize this road…
Bruno: “Oh look! A playground! Let’s go on the swing!”
Scotty: “Bruno, you’re such a child!”

*mi sembra it seems to me, I think

Bruno: “Un supermercato! Facciamo la spesa?”
Scotty: “Tu pensi solo a mangiare…

Bruno: “A supermarket! Let’s do grocery shopping, ok?”
Scotty: “All you think about is eating…

Scotty: “Bruno, mi sa che* ci siamo persi!!!”
Bruno: “Senti, guarda su Google Maps… io intanto mi** mangio una pizza!”

Scotty: “Bruno, I think we’re lost.”
Bruno: “Listen, look on Google maps, in the meanwhile I’m gonna eat a pizza!”

*Mi sa che… (coll.) It seems to me that / I think that…
**In colloquial language it often happens that a transitive verb (i.e. a verb that has an object, like mangiare + qualcosa) is made reflexive to show more personal commitment. For example: mi mangio una pizza, mi bevo una birra, mi guardo un film,…

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