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We are getting married in ITALIA! No shipping from 07 to 29 August.

A2 • Lucy vuole fare amicizia

Once upon a time there was a lizard named Lucy. Lucy always did everything on her own: she ate breakfast, went for a walk and did her shopping on her oen… One day she decided to take a trip. A story in Italian with FARE.

Autor: Jenny

Lizard Icon - A2 • Lucy vuole fare amicizia

Story in Italian with FARE

Lucy vuole fare amicizia

C‘era una volta una piccola lucertola che si chiamava Lucy. Lucy era molto triste perché non aveva amici. Lei faceva sempre la spesa da sola, faceva sempre colazione da sola e faceva anche lunghe passeggiate da sola. Era così triste che le faceva sempre male la testa!

Però un giorno ha avuto un‘idea: mentre faceva uno spuntino, ha deciso di fare un viaggio️.
Lucy ha fatto le valigie e si è messa in cammino. Il sole splendeva e faceva molto caldo. Poi, dietro una collina, ha incontrato una rana. La rana si chiamava Ran. Loro hanno fatto quattro chiacchiere e hanno anche fatto quattro passi insieme.

Poi Lucy le ha chiesto: «Vuoi essere mia amica?»
«Sì, sto cercando un‘amica da tutta la mia vita!» ha risposto Ran con un grande sorriso.

Finalmente Lucy era felice. Ha fatto conoscenza con Ran e da quel momento le due amiche facevano tutto insieme: facevano tanti giri nel bosco insieme e facevano anche il bagno nello stagno insieme. Fare amicizia è meraviglioso!

Once upon a time there was a little lizard named Lucy. Lucy was very sad because she had no friends. She was always buying grocieries alone, always eating breakfast alone and even taking long walks alone. She was so sad that her head always hurt!

But one day she had an idea: while she was having a snack, she decided to take a trip.
Lucy packed her bags and went on her way. The sun was shining and it was very hot. Then, behind a hill, she met a frog. The frog’s name was Ran. They had a chat and even went for a little walk together.

Then Lucy asked her, «Will you be my friend?»
«Yes, I’ve been looking for a friend all my life!» answered Ran with a big smile.

Finally Lucy was happy. She got to know Ran, and from that moment on, the two friends did everything together: They walked around the woods a lot together and even bathed in the pond together. Making friends is wonderful!

Icon pic credits: Vecteezy

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