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Italiano Bello is an online project to learn Italian for free. Italiano Bello is born from an old project named Italiano a quattro zampe, under the website Ekorre. Italiano Bello is now an independent website that aims to become one of the best website to learn Italian for free!  

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Italian Tutor

The heart and mind behind Italiano Bello, to which she devotes her spare time. Ellie is Italian and comes from a small village near the beautiful Lago Maggiore. She holds a master’s degree in General Linguistics from the University of Hamburg and works as Italian Tutor, Translator and Market Research Verbatim Coder.

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Daniel is a passionate Data Analyst and professionally engaged in market research and market analysis. In his spare time he likes programming, takes care of the front and back end of this site and works on our project to learn Italian with a video game.

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Kira & Cody


Kira and Cody have a master’s degree in fluffiness and spread love, happiness and a lot of fluff. Both were found on the street as puppies, Cody 2013 in Calabria, Kira 2017 in Sicily. They are Maremma-Abruzzo sheepdog crossbreeds.

Your travel companions through Italy

Meet our characters

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il cane
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la cagnolina
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lo scoiattolo
Bruno patatine seduto e1597691580150 - Team


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Fiona & Romeo

l'umana &
il gatto

The dogs Kira and Cody live a lot of fantasy and fun adventures with their Mom. You’ll find them mainly in the STORIE section as long stories and photo storiesThe squirrel Scotty loves Italy and traveling. His friend the bear Bruno accompanies him during his trips in order to discover Italian food specialities. He loves eating. You’ll find them mainly in the Video Fumetti within our CORSO .
The human Fiona and the cat Romeo live in Rom and enjoy everyday life. Above all, they enjoy going on holiday! You’ll find them mainly in the Video Fumetti within our CORSO.

Grazie mille!

Helpers and supporters

There are some lovely people who supports us with donations. Thank you very much, you are so important for us! 

Other wonderful people help us sometimes with articles, translations or stories. For example, Karin helps us with translations into German and English and writes the beautiful stories with the tomcat Franz. His husband Stefan helps us too. You are great, thank you! Kerstin writes the cute stories of the dog Rocky. She is also the one who had the idea and helped us with the creation of the TRAINER VERBI. Other people too has written pretty stories, for example Julia, Vanessa, Stephanie and Jenny. You can find all the stories in our section STORIE. These wonderful people love also Italian music and food and they help us sometimes with articles for the AMO L’ITALIA section. Grazie mille!

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Our small team works voluntarily on the project Italiano Bello. We love to teach Italian, and we are happy to invest our free time to do that. But as you can image, this takes a lot of time. In addition, hosting and maintaining the website isn’t free.

Your support is important to us so that we can continue to provide free useful content and material for you to learn Italian. With your help we can keep Italiano Bello freely available, create new content and you won’t see any annoying advertisements. Thank you so much!

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The beautiful photos of Ellie, Daniel, Kira and Cody were taken by Marco Ansing.

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