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Hai visto il film d’animazione della Disney Pixar Luca e ne sei rimasto affascinatoQui puoi trovare degli esercizi semplici e carini sul film Luca, che puoi usare sia in classe sia se impari da autodidatta.

Watch the movie in the language you prefer (we suggest you to watch it in Italian with subtitles in your mother tongue), download the exercises and learn Italian with Luca, Alberto and Giulia! You can find the film on Disney +.

lazy - LUCA Esercizi

LUCA Materiale didattico



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Learn Italian with Italiano Bello! Here you will find a lot of free material to learn Italian: you can start learning Italian with the Italian course, read a story in Italian or deepen grammar, vocabulary and communication in Italian.

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Do you already have good books to read in Italian for your vacation? And what about a nice planner with days of the week in Italian for your kitchen? Discover our new Italian bookstore and find the perfect book for you!

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